Do It God's Way

Amaziah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord,

but not wholeheartedly.

There's a flaw.

He mustered those twenty years old or more.

He also hired a hundred thousand fighting men.

But a man of God came to him and said,

"These troops from Israel must not march with you,

for the Lord is not with Israel.

Even if you go and fight courageously in battle,

God will overthrow you before the enemy,

for God has the power to help or overthrow."


"God has the power to help or overthrow."

I find Amaziah's response to this bombshell very interesting...

Amaziah asked the man of God,

"But what about the hundred talents I paid these Israelite troops?"

He was concerned about his money.

The man of God replied,

"The Lord can give you much more than that."

I pondered about including this verse, but I felt I should.

Maybe there's someone reading this thinking along the lines

of what they might have to give up in order to walk in obedience.

Be it known to you that...

"The Lord can give you much more than that."

Maybe money. Maybe not.

But it will be more.

Amaziah obeyed this directive from the Lord.

He dismissed the troops and sent them home.

Amaziah then marshalled his strength and led his army

and killed ten thousand men.

Then they killed another ten thousand.

So, he obeyed.

But we started this entry off with...

Amaziah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord,

but not wholeheartedly.

When he returned from slaughtering the Edomites,

he brought back the gods of the people of Seir.

He set them up as his own gods,

bowed down to them and burned sacrifices to them.

The anger of the Lord burned against Amaziah.

Before we start judging and condemning Amaziah...

have there been times when God has shown us what to do,

we obeyed, only to turn our backs on Him?

God sent a prophet to Amaziah, who said,

"Why do you consult this people's gods,

which could not save their own people from your hand?"

It's a fair question, but Amaziah was deluded.

He was not following the Lord wholeheartedly.

It was downhill from here on for Amaziah. 2 Chronicles 25

I see this as a plea for wholehearted commitment to the Lord.

If we obey, that's good.

If we turn away...defeat and destruction are certain.

The God of love is also a consuming fire.

We can never earn His unmerited favor/grace.

But subsequent to committing ourselves to Him and His Lordship

comes a continuing on in our walk with Him.

Turning back is disastrous.

So is standing still.

Standing still is falling back.

Lord Jesus, I confess that sometimes it feels like we're miles apart.

Who moved? Certainly not You.

By my distractions, my following after other interests,

I'm the one who's created the perceived gap.

I repent of all this.

Help me come back to You.

To follow wholeheartedly.

Giving You first preference in all things.

Be Lord of my life, I pray.

In Jesus' Name.